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Ben 10 Xtreme Truck

Ben 10 Xtreme Truck is a fun online 4×4 truck driving game where your goal is to beat the clock and complete each level as quick as possible while driving a huge truck on a bumpy, hilly track. You play the role of Ben 10 (the cheeky 10 year old and Protector of Earth), as he drives a heavy-duty off-road truck across a tricky terrain. You must avoid aliens and use special boosters to complete each track in as quick time as possible. This fast-paced trucker game follows the laws of gravity, and balancing the truck isn’t as easy as you think, you’ll need plenty of patience and delicate balancing skills. You have total control of the truck and can balance it to make sure it’s at the right angle to go up and down a slope. Try to avoid flipping through the air when careering down a big hill – if the truck lands on its roof, its game over. Pesky winged aliens try to damage the truck; blast them using your special green glowing power. This fun driving adventure game featuring this famous cartoon star will really test your truck balancing skills. Ready to help Ben 10 become the most awesome trucker in the country? Ok little buddy, let’s put the pedal to the metal!

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