Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 10, 2013

Ben 10 Bike Trail 2

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Everyone loves a good motorcycle.  Even better most people love a good motorcycle racing game.  And even better then that a lot of people love to take their motorcycle on a race through the tricky trails and over and around challenging obstacles.  Ben 10 is no different.  Ben 10 just got himself a brand new super fast and awesome motorcycle.  In the Ben 10 Bike Trail 2 motorcycle racing game climb on and help Ben ride and race his motorcycle throug a lot of tough motorcycle trail levels.  Some of the trails start off easy so you and Ben 10 can get used to your motorcycle but believe me, the trails start to get more difficult the farther you go.  In Ben 10 Bike Trail 2 you get to help Ben 10 drive his motorcycle over old cars, used tires, garbage cans and a lot of other tough obstacles for you to try and safely race your motorcycle over.  Take the jumps and obstacles and see how fast you can race to the finish line in Ben 10 Bike Trail 2.   Try to make is safely on your Ben 10 motorcycle to the finish line in the fastest time possible but also be extra careful to keep your motorcycle balanced and don't crash.

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