Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 9, 2013

Ben 10 Ultimate Motor

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We have seen all versions of Ben 10 game. They are really cool and it's great pleasure to play them. But this is the Ultimate Ben 10! He's unstoppable racing over tricky obstacles, which from level to level are going wow! Are you capable to handle it? You have only three lives at the disposal and you may use none, but in level seven lose them all. Thus you won't see the reward and have to start over again. Press up arrow key to accelerate, down arrow key to brake and move backwards and left i.e. right arrow keys to tilt back i.e. forwards. Mitigating circumstance is that on right up corner is a lighted map, to know what's coming up! This is a pure pleasure for everyone, boys and girls, young and old.

Video game:

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